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Together Again, Oil on Canvas

Travelogue is series of four paintings that use the experience of travel to explore ideas about our relationships to others. The montaged images suggest moments in time, evoking memories and feelings about loss and connection. → July 9, 2014

I was aiming for one painting but I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the first so did another two. Not sure which I like best now. Probably the right hand version which was the last one to … → December 23, 2013


Three studies from life for a small portrait painting I’m planning. My daughter Emma sat for the drawings while watching a rather depressing documentary on TV. → December 6, 2013

I really like how working into these colour wash pens with more water you can disrupt the surface and evoke different possible readings of place – the mood, the weather, the time. → October 29, 2013

Three pages from recent sketchbooks, where I’ve been trying to get down ideas for painting. I’m not just conjuring the images from nothing. I’m using previous drawings, the TV as well as remembered moments. Thinking too … → August 17, 2013

I sketched this one evening while thinking about the current painting I’m working on… and have been on and off for 2 years! It’s partly based around this study. → April 7, 2013

Two drawings – both made portrait, which is unusual in my Seawhite A6 landscape hardbound book – but very different occasions!    → October 26, 2012

Day trip to Chichester: drawing in the Cass Sculpture Park and the fantastic Pallant House Gallery where there was a small Adrian Berg retrospective. → September 26, 2012

I blogged about two other self-portraits in an earlier post This one is only 10cm high, made in my Seawhite A6 landscape sketchbook using watercolour with a pentel brush pen and a Uni Posca marker for … → January 2, 2012

Two recent pages using brush pens. I really like how the brush forces one to choose simple shapes; to abstract what one see. Click images to see larger versions → November 23, 2011

Two paintings produced for an exhibition of postcard art to raise money for the Abingdon County Hall Museum Appeal. 27 July 2011 → July 27, 2011

A Painting’s Progress

Photographs of my painting – From Me to You – showing the stages and changes it went through as I worked on …

Since last Summer I have been keeping an A4 sketchbook for ideas. These are two early pages from the book, where I was developing ideas that had been started the previous February and eventually led to … → May 9, 2011

This is a painting that again, like Evenlode, combines both landscape and figures in a constructed space of my imagination. Click the image for more information. It was made for a  friend who is a sculptor, … → April 10, 2010

This quickly produced screen print developed from a recent small sketchbook drawing made in the life class.     → March 10, 2010

This study for my new painting¬†was done quite quickly in about an hour but the painting was done over a week. I’m pleased with it and feel it represents my current interests, derived from my own … → February 23, 2010