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That is inside my head and what's around me Click images for more info → April 6, 2012

I seem to be drawing from coaches a lot recently. I enjoy following an edge as I draw even if that edge (of a distant horizon, or the shape of some trees) is changing; I just … → March 6, 2012

Drawings made on a visit to the Ashmolean. I am always inspired by the drawings on the artefact site. Click images for more info → February 12, 2012

I blogged about two other self-portraits in an earlier post This one is only 10cm high, made in my Seawhite A6 landscape sketchbook using watercolour with a pentel brush pen and a Uni Posca marker for … → January 2, 2012

Two recent pages using brush pens. I really like how the brush forces one to choose simple shapes; to abstract what one see. Click images to see larger versions → November 23, 2011

I filled 40 pages of a new (Arborita) A6 landscape sketchbook while in Berlin with Sixth formers from school. Drawing people as we travelled on U-Bahn and bus, art we saw in the galleries and small … → October 25, 2011

Extraordinary Sculpture in the Bode Museum. Amazing expressive black and white drawings and prints from Kollwitz Berlin Sketchbook Click the pics to see more info → October 21, 2011

Drawing in class and outside: demos for clubs and lessons mostly.Click the pics to see more info → October 5, 2011

Three trains down to our friends in the South of France.Click the pics to see more info → August 7, 2011

Since last Summer I have been keeping an A4 sketchbook for ideas. These are two early pages from the book, where I was developing ideas that had been started the previous February and eventually led to … → May 9, 2011

I went up to Leamington Spa to see a student production of Titus Andronicus which my daughter directed, and did these in the half light of the auditorium. I liked the flowing quality and clear shapes. … → March 11, 2011

Drawing on the train and underground. Went to London and saw the Watercolour exhibition at Tate Britain. – which I didn't think really did justice to the excitements that watercolour can produce. Still some great work … → February 23, 2011

Was in the Museum of Brands with one of my classes. I enjoyed drawing the different styles of type on the range of packaging. Here are the drawings I did last Summer when I first visited … → December 1, 2010