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I was aiming for one painting but I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the first so did another two. Not sure which I like best now. Probably the right hand version which was the last one to … → December 23, 2013

I am taking groups of students to museums and galleries in London next term including the Natural History Museum and Tate Britain, So I did a pre-visit today. Art won for me, although I enjoyed drawing … → December 16, 2013


Three studies from life for a small portrait painting I’m planning. My daughter Emma sat for the drawings while watching a rather depressing documentary on TV. → December 6, 2013

It’s not always about finding something exciting or aesthetic to draw but about getting going and drawing what is there and seeing what happens. → August 30, 2013

Day trip to Chichester: drawing in the Cass Sculpture Park and the fantastic Pallant House Gallery where there was a small Adrian Berg retrospective. → September 26, 2012

Traveling, listening and drawing; pencil and brush pen   Related articles Four on the road drawings → June 2, 2012

That is inside my head and what's around me Click images for more info → April 6, 2012

Drawings made on a visit to the Ashmolean. I am always inspired by the drawings on the artefact site. Click images for more info → February 12, 2012

I submitted and had this wood cut print – renamed Encounter – accepted for the Mull It Over Exhibition in Brighton   → January 13, 2012

I filled 40 pages of a new (Arborita) A6 landscape sketchbook while in Berlin with Sixth formers from school. Drawing people as we travelled on U-Bahn and bus, art we saw in the galleries and small … → October 25, 2011

Extraordinary Sculpture in the Bode Museum. Amazing expressive black and white drawings and prints from Kollwitz Berlin Sketchbook Click the pics to see more info → October 21, 2011

Three trains down to our friends in the South of France.Click the pics to see more info → August 7, 2011

This is a painting that again, like Evenlode, combines both landscape and figures in a constructed space of my imagination. Click the image for more information. It was made for a  friend who is a sculptor, … → April 10, 2010

This study for my new painting¬†was done quite quickly in about an hour but the painting was done over a week. I’m pleased with it and feel it represents my current interests, derived from my own … → February 23, 2010

Inspired by Turner

When I was about 14, I went to a large exhibition of Turner’s work, including sketchbooks and sketches, at what was then …

Provence Painting

I painted this as a birthday present for my sister; its based on memories of a holiday in Provence: Walking in fields …